Give your customers the social shopping experience they want

even when they can’t be together

Friends can shop together and share advice

with ShopSee’s user-friendly tools

Find out what your customers really think

and reward them with targeted promotions


Shoppers buy more and return less

when they can get advice from friends and family before purchase

What is ShopSee

What is it?
ShopSee is a set of plug-ins that adds unique social shopping functionality to any retailer shopping application. It is provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
What isn’t it?
ShopSee is not an app. It does not stand alone, and only functions within an existing retailers’ app.
How do customers use it?
ShopSee sits neatly inside your app, and can be used by customers to access friends any time they visit your store.

How ShopSee works

Why will customers want to use ShopSee?

  • 36% of shoppers use their mobile to ask advice from friends and family when shopping
  • ShopSee gives customers the tools to do what they’re already doing, but quicker, easier and better
  • Customers can be rewarded for introducing friends, and with highly targeted, relevant, real-time promotions
  • Customers can also ‘ask an expert’


How will customers know about ShopSee?

  • Retailers add ShopSee’s smart social shopping functionality to their apps
  • They promote this new functionality to existing customers
  • Customers invite friends and family from personal or social networks to form their close circles of trusted advisors (encouraged by incentives)
  • Growth is organic

Customer scenarios


Katie shops for clothes

Katie shops for clothes

  1. Katie sees a shirt she loves in her favourite shop, but she’s not sure if it’s suitable for work
  2. She pulls out her mobile phone, selects ‘shopaholic friends’ and ‘Mum’ from her ShopSee groups, and asks “Is this shirt right for work?”
  3. Mum’s the first to reply “:-/ too flimsy for work Katie. How about that blue one on the same rail? I’ll buy you this one, but not for work!”
  4. Katie tries on the blue shirt, and a couple of others. Whilst she’s in the changing room, an offer pops up on her mobile “Buy 2 shirts today and get 10% off. Buy 4 shirts or more as a group, and you all get 20% off”.
  5. Her interest in the shirt has also prompted a gallery of ‘suggested accessories’ to appear on her mobile, which she plans to look at once she gets out of the changing room.
  6. Katie’s friend, Anoushka, is the next to get involved “Did you just see that offer Katie? I’m in! Do you think the dark red shirt would suit me?”


Going to a wedding

Going to a wedding

  1. Sue sees a dress she is keen on, but she’s not quite sure…
  2. She opens the store’s app to reach her Mum and partner Roger with a question using ShopSee’s quick pre-set questions menu. She hits the “Does this suit me?” button.
  3. Roger instantly approves the dress by choosing the “Suits you” quick reply button, and gives it 5 stars. Knowing that Roger likes the dress, Sue feels good about the purchase, and buys.
  4. But what to get with this dress? Another quick-select button helps Sue ask in an instant.
  5. Mum has a few suggestions and asks Sue to let her lead…
  6. Ma leads the group to a pair of red pumps, which Sue has always wanted.
  7. On the way Mum discovers some rather nice earrings…
  8. Meanwhile, Roger is nervous whether his tan suit will work for the wedding, and asks for help.
  9. Sue and Mum find Roger a rather nice suit, together …


Why use ShopSee

ShopSeeƂ smart social shopping technology is good for customers and retailers


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