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Is ShopSee a mobile app?

No.  ShopSee is a plug-in that adds social shopping functionality to any retailer shopping application.

How does ShopSee integrate with my existing retail app?

ShopSee provides a fully documented SDK and API allowing you to add enhanced social shopping functionality to your retail app.

How do ShopSee services work?
ShopSee functionality is fully hosted and delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
How does ShopSee get updated?
Regular updates and enhancements will be made to the SDK for distribution to customers in later app builds.
What mobile platforms does ShopSee support?
Currently Android is fully supported. iOS and HTML5 are in development and will be available shortly.
Why would my customers want to use ShopSee's functionality?

Because it allows shoppers to browse, chat and shop together, in real-time, from within your app. Research shows that 8/10 shoppers regularly seek advice from friends and family before purchse. ShopSee gives them an easier and better way to do this than the mix of basic phone features and chat apps that they currently use.

Why is ShopSee better than sharing using existing phone and chat tools?

Because the existing tools weren’t designed for shopping. The customer experience using phone and chat apps is therefore poor, not real time, not intuitive and requires customers to exit your on-line store to use them.

What customer insight do I get from the ShopSee platform?

ShopSee anonymously aggregates a broad range of customer responses by item and category including ratings, free text analysis, emoticon sentiments and relevant frequently asked questions and answers.

Can customers import friend lists into ShopSee?

Yes, if your app supports social login then they can get immediate access to their friend lists from those social networks that support OpenAuth 2, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Your customers automatically create shopping groups from these friends, which they can reuse or return to for reference later.

Can I target promotional offers through ShopSee?

Yes.  ShopSee will support automatic promotion placement and will integrate with commonly-used promotional platforms.


Consumers want to interact with retail brands online...

… and they’re increasingly using their mobile devices to do it. The opportunity for retailers to optimise their mobile experiences using location and immediacy is significant, as is the need to ensure a good small screen experience.

Justin Neville-Rolfe, Nielsen