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Our daughters were the catalyst for ShopSee. They explained how they used chat and social media on their smartphones to get advice from friends and family — and they shared their frustrations.

When they wanted to converse inside a store app, they had to step out of the app — either into a chat app — or they would make a call.  Stepping out meant disengaging from the things they wanted to discuss. And so, during their conversations, they would shuttle repetitively between both apps. This made discussion slow, tedious and prone to misunderstanding. Making calls was frequently inconvenient and meant constantly checking whether their friends were seeing the same thing. 

Of course, phones and generic chat apps aren’t designed specifically for shoppers in store, let alone for critical buying moments when informed decisions need to be made quickly. Conversely, retailers’ store apps catered for selling products, not communication. Instead of being focal points for people to meet, discuss, and then buy, these apps forced their customers to step outside.  

ShopSee is an SDK that puts multi-channel communication with friends into any retail app. Contact us to try our demonstrator app ShopSee Demo to understand what ShopSee can do for you.


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