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ShopSee adds social shopping functionality to your retail app

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We’re sociable beings, who love to shop together

So why is mobile shopping such a solitary pursuit?

And why do customers have to step out of your retail app to include friends and family in their buying decisions?

ShopSee is here to fix that.

ShopSee is a plug-in that quickly and easily adds real-time social shopping functionality to your retail app.

This means your customers can involve their friends by bringing them into your app to browse, chat, talk and shop together.

ShopSee Analytics anonymously collates and analyses these conversations, giving you detailed insight into customer sentiment so you can target promotions, make better-informed decisions and boost your conversion rates.

Better still, research shows that shoppers who can access trusted advice prior to purchase are significantly:

  1. More likely to buy*
  2. Less likely to return items*
*Deloitte, ShopSee

ShopSee gives customers an enjoyable way to shop with friends, giving them the confidence to buy, and giving you the insight and tools to optimise conversion rates.

If you want to inject the power of social shopping into your store, we’d love to help.


Social shopping is already happening
  • Customers seeking advice before purchase 80%
  • Consumers who trust advice from friends and family most 92%
  • Shoppers using smartphone for advice 33%
“We could benefit strongly from ShopSee”

—major travel company

“Clearly strategic and keen to consider early involvement”

—leading online clothes retailer

“You should be very proud of your product”

—leading travel organisation

Retailers who do not...

….engage shoppers through specialized mobile applications or targeted smartphone-based promotions leave the door open for competitors to reach a customer who is standing in the retailer’s store and at the point of purchase.

Kasey Lobaugh, Deloitte



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